Water is coming through my windows


The entry point for water leaks can be very tricky to identify and where they appear to be is not necessarily where they originate from. Before blaming the windows, is good to check these things first.

Simple solutions work!


Old wooden windows and doors can be made to function to deliver more comfort. There is no need to throw them away or get tied up in using fancy glass. It’s easy to overcomplicate solutions to problems with old wooden windows. A prime example of this is when we believe that by changing the old […]

The hidden problems with retrofit double glazing


Find out how to upgrade your old timber, wooden and sash windows to unlock amazing energy efficiency benefits. And how we can double glaze them with amazing new vacuum insulated double glazing.

The lost art of natural ventilation

Open window demonstrating ventilation

Natural ventilation is healthy for you and for the building you occupy. In our quest to make old and new buildings thermally efficient and more comfortable could it be possible we are making them too air tight?