Draught and acoustic seals for your timber windows

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With our air-tight draught seals, you’ll achieve amazing new levels of comfort by reducing infiltration of outside air, noise and dust.

Keeping the noise and weather out

Sadly, most timber windows are neglected over time.

Most commonly, painted shut to stop those annoying rattles, outside noises and draughts.  They can also be terribly inefficient because of large air gaps in the framework and because of the thin, old glass.

Our draught seals are a discrete, long-life product that stop draughts and significantly reduce noise and dust.  As part of the process, we also repair your timber window frames, so that they open and close perfectly smoothly.

Modern Comfort

Bring the comfort of your home into the 21st century

Energy Efficiency

Save on the rising cost of your energy bills​

Reduce Infiltration

Keep noise, dust and the weather outside​

Perfectly Smooth

Effortlessly open & close, with no annoying rattles​

About our draught & acoustic seals

We can upgrade your timber windows, to keep your home’s beautiful traditional look and achieve modern levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

More than just a 'stick on strip'

Our draught seals were developed through years of upgrades to timber windows in the cold climates of England, Scotland and Ireland.

They stop up to 86% of airflow and up to 10 dB of noise.

When installing draught seals in combination with new glass, we can achieve more significant improvements to thermal comfort and noise reduction.

Over 20,000 timber windows upgraded to date

From one window to one hundred windows, there is no job too big or too small.
We also seal doors.

Why do you need draught & acoustic seals?

Our draughts seals are the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort levels of your timber windows and doors.

Unfortunately, skipping straight onto glass replacement is overlooking the primary issue… Seals!

As without seals, the outside air and noise will continue to intrude through the gaps in your window frames.

By correctly installing top-quality draught and acoustic seals in the right parts of the window, first, you will address the root issues in the most cost-effective manner.

Then we’re ready to talk about new glass.

What to expect from us

Our team of specialist carpenters and glazing experts will typically work on a few windows at a time.

We’ll start by removing the window sashes and assessing the condition of the window and the frame. From here we’ll repair or replace any damaged timberwork. This can be a major job if significant rot or damage is found.

Next, we will install the ultra-high performance glass (if you have selected this as a part of your job).

While the window is out of the frame, we also overhaul the window hardware as necessary to ensure the restored window operates smoothly, with a light touch. This includes checking and improving things like the cords, weights, balances and pulleys.

As the window goes back into the frame, we install the draught seals. This includes any fine-tuning needed to ensure the window is sealed tightly, whilst opening and closing smoothly.

Where needed, we’ll ensure the window is ready for paint (by your painter).