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Want to learn more about our approach to your timber windows and doors?  Discover the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We repair timber windows as a part of the installation of draught seals and new glass, we often call this an overhaul. Typically we do not build new windows or undertake major repairs to timber rot or damage – we can refer you to a specialist service for this if needed.

Yes, we can install ultra-high performance double glazing into your timber windows.  We offer three different types of glass, which have been selected to suit the different climates throughout Australia, which can actually achieve the same performance as a triple-glazed window if necessary in your area.

We only work with timber or wooden windows.

This includes double-hung sash windows, casement windows, awning windows, fanlights, pivot windows, horizontal Yorkshire sliders and fixed windows.

Over time, many old timber windows are rattly, draughty and stuck.  This can lead to an influx of outside air, noise and dust which makes them terribly energy inefficient.  Our high-performance draught seals protect you from the outside air, noise and dust.  As part of the process of installing draught seals, we’ll also make your windows slide open and closed with a light touch and silky smooth.

Our draught seals will assist in eliminating windblown rain, but not direct water ingress from a hose from water leaking into the building roof or wall, for example.

Our working includes a primer and sealer to ensure the timber is fully sealed – we can refer you to a specialist painting service if needed. 

Whilst it might be cheaper to rip out your timber windows and replace them with new plastic or aluminium double-glazing units. You will instantly lose the character of your property and it will never look the same.  Keeping original wooden windows maintains and arguably increases the value of your property.

Replacement window frames can cause problems with other parts of the window opening. And they simply won’t look right.

Your old timber windows are made of old-growth timber, that has stood the test of time in most cases.  And with a little TLC and some new upgrades, they can outperform a new window & the frame could last another 100 years.

Most windows are out of their frame and back in place within the same day, ensuring your place is safe and secure.  

Most old wooden windows only require a bit of TLC. The old growth timber is long lasting, precious and will never be harvested again.

Although timber windows require some painting to protect them, life cycle studies show that they are better than plastic and aluminium. Imagine the waste created by ripping out old windows and throwing them in the landfill.

Upgrading the performance of existing wooden windows helps address energy efficiency, comfort, promotes jobs through the repair economy, maintains our architecture and reduces waste.