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Australia’s leading installer of draught seals and double glazing for timber windows. Over 20,000 windows upgraded to date.


This is our story

It all began with a conversation between two friends, John from Tasmania and Colm who had recently moved from Ireland.

Before coming to Australia, Colm had spent years manufacturing and supplying seals to the window and door industry in Ireland and the UK.

“Why are Australians happy to live with rattly, old, draughty windows…? No one in Ireland would put up with the wind howling through their home…!” proposed Colm.

“Australians want better performing old wooden windows. At least they would, if someone could help them,” replied John in a light bulb moment.

What started as a simple cup of coffee back in 2011, has led us to become Australia’s largest repairer of old timber windows and doors.


Conserving heritage, one window at a time

It is our mission to be a leader in the refurbishment and restoration of timber windows, employing sustainable conservation methods and industry-leading technology.


We do what we say we will and take ownership if it doesn’t happen.


We treat each other the way we want to be treated ourselves.


We measure twice and cut once – we never take shortcuts.

Cutting Edge

We always look for a better way.


We always look for ways to surprise and delight – we look for the little things that make a big difference.


We show care and respect for your home or building, ensuring it’s left clean and tidy when we finish our job.


We care about each other, our environment, and our business so we always look for ways to improve.

Can do

We never talk about a problem until we have thought about a solution to go with it.

Over 20,000 timber windows upgraded to date

From one window to one hundred windows, there is no job too big or too small.
We also seal doors.

Meet our team

Based in Hobart, Tasmania our teams are available in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia – with other locations on request.

John Brennan

Founder & Director

Jack Brennan

General Manager

Harrison Walker

Hobart, Tasmania

Robbie Mallison

Melbourne, Victoria

What to expect from us

Our team of specialist carpenters and glazing experts will typically work on a few windows at a time.

We’ll start by removing the window sashes and assessing the condition of the window and the frame. From here we’ll repair or replace any damaged timberwork. This can be a major job if significant rot or damage is found.

Next, we will install the ultra-high performance glass (if you have selected this as a part of your job).

While the window is out of the frame, we also overhaul the window hardware as necessary to ensure the restored window operates smoothly, with a light touch. This includes checking and improving things like the cords, weights, balances and pulleys.

As the window goes back into the frame, we install the draught seals. This includes any fine-tuning needed to ensure the window is sealed tightly, whilst opening and closing smoothly.

Where needed, we’ll ensure the window is ready for paint (by your painter).