Window Transformations for Sydney Apartments and Homes

With out patented scaffold free window repair system, we can upgrade old timber windows on multi-story apartments and strata buildings.

If you live in an apartment building with wooden windows, you’ve probably heard someone say…

“My windows don’t work”

“My windows rattle in the wind”

“My windows are draughty and let dust in”

“There’s too much noise from the road and neighbours in my apartment”

“My windows are in bad condition. They need fixing and painting”

“I wish we could replace the windows with double-glazing”

At Sealasash, we fix all of these problems in one elegant solution. We keep the character of your old windows, and make them ready for new life in the 21st century.

Solution and benefits

Sealasash provides a comprehensive solution to common problems with existing wooden windows – especially including heritage buildings and strata.

  • We make windows work by overhauling mechanisms and fittings (cords, pulleys, locks etc.)
  • We make windows quieter and more comfortable by draught sealing and installing better glass
  • We fix windows that are rotting or falling apart with premium-quality repairs
  • We paint windows without costly scaffolding (subject to building inspection).
  • We make windows compliant with regulations by fitting restrictors.

In Sydney, Sealasash specialises in providing services to large homes and walk-up units. We are currently completing a job in Manly with 300+ wooden windows in the prominent heritage building “Borambil”, which sits above the Manly Surf Club. This project has been featured in Strata Community Australia’s newsletter.

Window repairs in Sydney apartment safety box
Sash window repairs in Sydney apartment
Our patent pending safety device can save on scaffolding costs, while also keeping bad weather out of occupied apartments.

Windows were repaired, draught sealed, and painted in one elegant process. Some residents chose to reglaze with higher-performance glass

Peace of mind

Sealasash is a member of SCA, we are registered with Fair Trading in NSW (300467C) and have all the necessary insurances, including home warranty insurance. We take health and safety seriously and have systems in place.

What we do and don’t do

We do not work on steel, plastic or aluminium windows, we are not new window manufacturers and we are not handy men that work on small odd jobs (e.g. like replacing a broken cord).

If you would like to talk to a timber window expert who understands all your options, and who will listen to your priorities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for double glazing for your sash windows or wooden windows?

Sealasash can double glaze your old timber, wooden and sash windows with new high-performance glass.  We also upgrade windows to include draught and acoustic seals that further improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your windows. 

Learn more about Sealasash:


Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing

Our ultra-high performance double glazing fits perfectly within your existing timber work, eliminating any bulky or expensive modifications.


Fix Those Annoying Rattles

With our draught and acoustic seals you’ll achieve amazing new comfort levels by reducing infiltration of outside air, noise and dust without the annoying rattles.

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Using traditional craftsmanship and modern materials, we’ll restore your windows and make them better than new.  This includes high-performance double glazing and draught seals that will dramatically improve the comfort and energy efficiency of old timber, wooden and sash windows.


How to understand the performance of double glazing 

When existing or new home owners think comfort and energy efficiency from their windows  “Double glazing” comes to mind, right! 

Double glazing is definitely much better than thin 3mm glass that’s common in existing windows. For new buildings glass and frames have to meet modern energy ratings so double glazing is used with modern type frames.

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