Sealasash staff learn the lost trades of heritage carpentry

adam working on shutters

Sealasash was represented by a crew of seven at the recent Traditional Wood Carpentry and Joinery Repair Workshop at the Longford Academy. The aim of the day was to increase the awareness of issues related to heritage carpentry skills and reinforce an appreciation for the detail that is undertaken in heritage conservation carpentry.

Most of our staff are already trained in the Burra Charter principles for working on heritage properties. Adhering to the Charter means that we replace as little as possible but as much as necessary when carrying out repair work on wooden windows. It’s specialised work and more reminiscent of the traditional ways than the modern form of carpentry learned nowadays.

The day spent on the World Heritage Listed Woolmer’s Estate showed our team old style carpentry and joinery. They were shown the old types of tools that were used and old methods such as different ways to fill holes, for example with waxes. Adam, who took part in the full week’s course, learnt in detail how to conserve deteriorating wood, working on the shutters in the 1820’s wool shed.

Investing in our staff and encouraging them to upskill in the values important to Sealasash is crucial for the ongoing success of our work. While the guys may not have gained new skills they’ll be using day to day, they certainly left Woolmer’s with an increased appreciation of the care and attention needed when working on heritage properties.

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