Sealasash launches timber window restoration team in Perth, Western Australia

Sealasash are delighted to announce that they have spread their wings and landed in Western Australia. Henry Weldon, who has had his own carpentry business for a number of years, has taken on the mantle of Sealasash WA. With extensive experience in heritage restorations in the UK, Henry’s two-year-old Perth operation runs a team of skilled craftsmen with a keen eye and a true passion for their work. A perfect fit for Sealasash.

Henry says “When I saw what Sealasash were doing on the other side of Australia I wanted to get involved. I have regularly worked on double hung sash windows through my time and have always been fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of the principle. What some tradesmen would look at as too hard I look at as a challenge and love doing.”

Sealasash WA already has a number of renovated windows under their belt and are busy organising quotes for residents of Perth’s older suburbs.

If you would like to talk to a timber window expert who understands all your options, and who will listen to your priorities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for double glazing for your sash windows or wooden windows?

Sealasash can double glaze your old timber, wooden and sash windows with new high-performance glass.  We also upgrade windows to include draught and acoustic seals that further improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your windows. 

Learn more about Sealasash:


Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing

Our ultra-high performance double glazing fits perfectly within your existing timber work, eliminating any bulky or expensive modifications.


Fix Those Annoying Rattles

With our draught and acoustic seals you’ll achieve amazing new comfort levels by reducing infiltration of outside air, noise and dust without the annoying rattles.

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Using traditional craftsmanship and modern materials, we’ll restore your windows and make them better than new.  This includes high-performance double glazing and draught seals that will dramatically improve the comfort and energy efficiency of old timber, wooden and sash windows.