Restoration Australia feature timber window upgrades by Sealasash

Our timber window upgrades and repairs feature in this episode of Restoration Australia on the ABC.

Watch the full episode hereRestoration Australia S5 EP5

As featured on the ABC, host and Architecture Professor, Anthony Burke follows the progress and pitfalls of single-minded restoration enthusiasts who stop at almost nothing to revitalise their beloved buildings.

In Series 5, Episode 5, Restoration Australia heads to New Town, an inner city suburb near Hobart in Tasmania.

Host Anthony Burke meets a local couple turning a dilapidated orphanage into a family home.

Sealasah features within ABC TV series

The show follows local property owners, Bob and Kristen as they work towards a restoration that brings laughter and warmth back to an institutional building with a confronting history.

At 31 minutes into the episode, our very own John Brennan discusses the refurbishment of the timber windows at the property, including insights into the process of eliminating rattles in the windows, timber repairs, resetting cast iron weights and reglazing the windows with new glass.

“We can take an old technology, that has been proven and we can add modern-day materials, to be able to adapt these windows to be more energy-efficient, reduce noise, without actually trashing the old windows.”

John also talks about the benefits of updating timber windows.

“If you open the top window a little bit and open the bottom window on the other side of the room, it’ll create cross flow. So you’re getting free air-conditioning.”

The benefits of preserving timber windows

Later in the show at 52 minutes, owners Bob and Kristen talk about the results and value of their upgraded timber windows now that the renovation project is finished.

“You go into so many old places and the windows have been painted shut, and that solves your rattling and your draughts. But it’s not what windows are supposed to do. They’re supposed to go up and down when you want them to.”

“And it’s given them another 50 to 100 years of life.”

We’re, of course, so very thankful to everyone involved for the opportunity to talk about timber windows and share our passion for this subject with the wider community.

Watch the full episode hereRestoration Australia S5 EP5

If you would like to talk to a timber window expert who understands all your options, and who will listen to your priorities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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