How (not) to soundproof your windows at night

How would you feel if you spent tens of thousands of dollars on retrofit double-glazing and got almost no benefit?
view through noisy apartment window

That’s exactly what happened to one of our customers recently.

Like most people, they had assumed that by buying new double-glazing, they were buying quieter windows.

They had used a prominent and reputable company.

The double-glazing was installed to a high standard.

The windows fitted well, and had been painted after the works. There were even some new draught seals! Although they weren’t great, they weren’t terrible either.

The windows looked terrific. In a sense, the job was well done.

The trouble was the traffic noise. When I stood inside their apartment on Toorak Rd, South Yarra, I could hardly believe it myself. The windows may as well have been open when they were closed. Now, I’ve been with Sealasash for about six years.

I know our customers often report noise reduction. But when I stood in this apartment, I started looking for other places the sound could be coming in. Just like everyone else, I saw these double-glazed windows with minimal air gaps and thought “there’s no way all this noise could be coming through these windows”.

I was worried the benefit of our services would be marginal under the circumstances. But the customer was really keen to get a result.

They had seen our work and thought we could deliver. So, we installed acoustic draught seals to their windows and doors to reduce traffic noise. And guess who just left us a 5-star review on Google?

noise reduction sound proof window testimonial

If you would like to talk to a timber window expert who understands all your options, and who will listen to your priorities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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