Uncover the top reasons Double Glazed Windows are great in Melbourne


As I’m sure you already know Melbourne’s climate is unique to say the least. Our weather is characterised by hot summers and chilly winters, and at many times of year we experience four seasons in one day. This poses unique challenges for homeowners hoping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while keeping energy costs in […]

Water is coming through my windows


The entry point for water leaks can be very tricky to identify and where they appear to be is not necessarily where they originate from. Before blaming the windows, is good to check these things first.

The hidden problems with retrofit double glazing


Find out how to upgrade your old timber, wooden and sash windows to unlock amazing energy efficiency benefits. And how we can double glaze them with amazing new vacuum insulated double glazing.

When old windows are better than new windows


With concerns about the quality of modern building materials, we find that old wooden sash windows are better than new window frames. We can even double glaze them without damaging the timber sash or frame.

How to soundproof your double glazed windows


Imagine spending thousands of dollars on retrofit double glazing to get almost no benefits? Find our how our draught and acoustic seals significantly reduced outside noise for one Melbourne customer.

The hidden sins of retrofit double glazing


We’re always being asked about double glazing or thicker glass for old timber, wooden and sash windows. Find out how they can be double glazed successfully and what to look for when upgrading your heritage windows.

We can double glaze an existing window


Learn why it can be tricky to install traditional “double glazing” into old timber windows and the techniques we use to double glaze traditional windows thanks to high performance double glazing.