Sealasash restores windows at world-heritage listed site, Woolmers

This week Sealasash had the pleasure of restoring two large wooden sash windows at the World Heritage Listed Convict Site Woolmers Estate at Longford in Tasmania.

Woolmers is one of the most historically significant heritage properties in Australia. As well as the architectural heritage, the site is home to a large number of collections and historical artefacts amassed by the Archer family, who occupied the property from around 1817 to 1994.

The restoration took place on the double hung sash windows in the dining room, pictured below. Before we could start work, experts from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston had to carefully move the furniture and items seen in the picture.

Working on heritage properties such as Woolmers is a privilege. Our lead carpenters are trained in the Burra Charter which documents the practice of cultural heritage management as we believe it’s vital to look after such historical significance.

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