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The meaning of  “sustainability” is not necessarily well understood and over the years it has been hijacked and misrepresented and even used as “green wash”. This is unfortunate and totally unnecessary. Sustainability should genuinely aim to balance outcomes for People, the Environment and the Economy. It’s not an easy thing to achieve given the traditional and historic practices applied by business have largely focussed on profit with little regard for the environment. Profit is not a dirty word and it’s essential for achieving sustainable outcomes. Adopting genuine sustainable outcomes is what we need to do if we are to have future generations enjoy a life that presents similar opportunities as we’ve had. Sustainability is often expressed as: 

  • PLANET &

At Sealasash®  we back our words up with actions that fit sustainable principles. 

PEOPLE – Sealasash®

  • Create employment in a new business, one with a future that has never existed 
  • Provide and train new skills to meld old with new and we apply innovations
  • Maintain the amenity of the community for older/heritage buildings and precincts
  • Respect the architectural design and the trades of the past 
  • Make people more comfortable living/working in old building stock (reduce noise & improve energy efficiency)

 PLANET – Sealasash®

  • Reduce the landfilling of old wooden windows by repairing/retrofitting them 
  • Stop the loss of rare old growth wood in old windows (these woods will never be obtained again and they are the best quality – better than new wood)
  • Conserve and protect the built heritage and all the intrinsic energy and materials used
  • We reduce energy, waste and the unnecessary use of new resources to make new windows 
  • Upgrade old building stock and therefore reduce demand on new resources
  • Improve the thermal efficiency and assist saving energy in buildings

PROFIT – Sealasash®

  • Assist local business owners to adopt the Sealasash®  opportunity so that they and their family can prosper through their own successful business
  • Offer success in business which then employs locals, pays taxes and stimulates the economy
  • Provide a way for home and building owners to protect their investment, particularly in heritage and older buildings
  • Save owners money towards heating/cooling costs
  • Assist to conserve heritage buildings which are important for tourism
  • Make business profitable so that it can reinvest into people, innovation and the economy 

Sealasash®  is an early leader in the repair economy which creates jobs, develops skills and saves resources while reducing waste. We are an important contributor to the new awareness for society and business to adopt practices in alignment with the emerging Circular Economy. This video discusses some aspects of sustainability related to our work with wooden windows. 


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