Vacuum-insulated double glazing for your timber windows

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Our ultra-high performance glass fits perfectly within your existing timberwork, eliminating any bulky or expensive modifications.

We can double glaze your timber windows

Most timber windows were originally made with very thin, fragile glass.

This is not only a massive source of energy loss, but also a security and safety risk if the glass is broken.

We can reglaze your timber windows, adding the latest high-performance glass that will provide an amazing new level of comfort, noise reduction and energy efficiency for your property.

The installation process includes our high-quality draught seals which stop the outside air and noise leaking through the window frames

Modern Comfort

Bring the comfort of your home into the 21st century

Energy Efficiency

Save on the rising cost of your energy bills​

Reduce Infiltration

Keep noise, dust and the weather outside​

Perfectly Smooth

Effortlessly open & close, with no annoying rattles​

Choose from three different types of glass

We offer three different types of glass, selected to fit within timber windows without compromising the looks, operation or integrity of the frames.  Best of all, your windows will open and close smoothly, with a light touch.

Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing

Glavenir by Panasonic

With a very slim 6.1 mm profile, Glavenir fits perfectly into wooden window frames without compromising design, heritage, visual appearance or operation.

Developed by Panasonic, Glavenir vacuum insulated glass achieves better performance than triple-glazing because of the revolutionary vacuum design.

  • 8.5x more efficient than old single glazing.
  • 3x more efficient than double glazing.
  • 12.5% more efficient than triple glazing.

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Laminated Glazing

ComfortHush by Viridian

At 6.5mm thick, this glass provides extremely good noise reduction whilst achieving approximately 39% thermal improvements when compared to old, thin glass.

It is a more affordable option and offers some thermal improvements while reducing noise.

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Single Glazing

EnergyTech by Viridian

This is the most affordable option and at 4mm thick it can achieve up to 38% thermal improvement when installed in combination with curtains, pelmets, blinds and shutters when compared to old, thin glass.

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Compare the performance of our glass

Our glass has been selected to suit the unique Australian climate and can actually achieve the same performance as triple-glazing if necessary in your area.

We’re very excited to offer Glavenir Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing which is a brand-new technology by Panasonic.

Glavenir is proven to perform better than modern triple-glazing units, which can help you achieve huge improvements in comfort and energy efficiency. 


Over 20,000 timber windows upgraded to date

From one window to one hundred windows, there is no job too big or too small.
We also seal doors.

Why take a holistic approach to timber windows...?

Many homes and older buildings have rich architectural heritage including beautiful old windows.

By replacing the thin, old glass with brand-new glass technology we can keep your home’s beautiful, traditional look and achieve modern levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

However, new glass is not a silver bullet on its own.

It’s essential to install our draught seals in combination with new glass.

As new glass, on its own, can be a complete waste of money without proper draught seals.

What to expect from us

Our team of specialist carpenters and glazing experts will typically work on a few windows at a time.

We’ll start by removing the window sashes and assessing the condition of the window and the frame. From here we’ll repair or replace any damaged timberwork. This can be a major job if significant rot or damage is found.

Next, we will install the ultra-high performance glass (if you have selected this as a part of your job).

While the window is out of the frame, we also overhaul the window hardware as necessary to ensure the restored window operates smoothly, with a light touch. This includes checking and improving things like the cords, weights, balances and pulleys.

As the window goes back into the frame, we install the draught seals. This includes any fine-tuning needed to ensure the window is sealed tightly, whilst opening and closing smoothly.

Where needed, we’ll ensure the window is ready for paint (by your painter).