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Double glaze your timber windows, achieve huge improvements in energy efficiency and pay them off with the TAS Energy Saver 0% Interest Loan Scheme. 

Over 20,000 windows upgraded to date with 150+ verified reviews.

What is the TAS Energy Saver Loan Scheme?

This scheme provides 0% interest loans to eligible applicants, allowing them to fund the purchase price and installation of energy efficient double glazing for timber windows.

Brighte is the exclusive finance partner for the TAS Energy Saver Loan Scheme. This means that you could borrow between $500 – $10,000 and pay it back over 1 – 3 years at 0% interest. This makes the whole process easier with less strain on the hip-pocket.

By partnering with Brighte, we’ve made it even easier to upgrade your timber windows, with the latest high-performance glass by Sealasash.

We can double glaze your timber windows

Most timber windows were originally made with very thin, fragile glass.

This is not only a massive source of energy loss, but also a security and safety risk if the glass is broken.

We can reglaze your timber windows, adding the latest high-performance glass that will provide an amazing new level of comfort, noise reduction and energy efficiency for your property.

The installation process includes our high-quality draught seals which stop the outside air and noise leaking through the window frames

Modern Comfort

Bring the comfort of your home into the 21st century

Energy Efficiency

Save on the rising cost of your energy bills​

Reduce Infiltration

Keep noise, dust and the weather outside​

Perfectly Smooth

Effortlessly open & close, with no annoying rattles​

Choose from three different types of glass

We offer three different types of glass, selected to fit within timber windows without compromising the looks, operation or integrity of the frames.  Best of all, your windows will open and close smoothly, with a light touch.

Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing

Glavenir by Panasonic

With a very slim 6.1 mm profile, Glavenir fits perfectly into wooden window frames without compromising design, heritage, visual appearance or operation.

Developed by Panasonic, Glavenir vacuum insulated glass achieves better performance than triple-glazing because of the revolutionary vacuum design.

  • 8.5x more efficient than old single glazing.
  • 3x more efficient than double glazing.
  • 12.5% more efficient than triple glazing.

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Laminated Glazing

ComfortHush by Viridian

At 6.5mm thick, this glass provides extremely good noise reduction whilst achieving approximately 39% thermal improvements when compared to old, thin glass.

It is a more affordable option and offers some thermal improvements while reducing noise.

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Single Glazing

EnergyTech by Viridian

This is the most affordable option and at 4mm thick it can achieve up to 38% thermal improvement when installed in combination with curtains, pelmets, blinds and shutters when compared to old, thin glass.

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Compare the performance of our glass

Our glass has been selected to suit the unique Australian climate and can actually achieve the same performance as triple-glazing if necessary in your area.

We’re very excited to offer Glavenir Vacuum Insulated Double Glazing which is a brand-new technology by Panasonic.

Glavenir is proven to perform better than modern triple-glazing units, which can help you achieve huge improvements in comfort and energy efficiency. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We repair timber windows as a part of the installation of draught seals and new glass, we often call this an overhaul. Typically we do not build new windows or undertake major repairs to timber rot or damage – we can refer you to a specialist service for this if needed.

We only work with timber or wooden windows.

This includes double-hung sash windows, casement windows, awning windows, fanlights, pivot windows, horizontal Yorkshire sliders and fixed windows.

Yes, we can install the high-performance double glazing into your timber windows.  We offer three different types of glass, which have been selected to suit the different climates throughout Australia, which can actually achieve the same performance as a triple-glazed window if necessary in your area.

Over time, many old timber windows are rattly, draughty and stuck.  This can lead to an influx of outside air, noise and dust which makes them terribly energy inefficient.  Our high-performance draught seals protect you from the outside air, noise and dust.  As part of the process of installing draught seals, we’ll also make your windows slide open and closed with a light touch and silky smooth.

Whilst it might be cheaper to rip out your timber windows and replace them with new plastic or aluminium double-glazing units. You will instantly lose the character of your property and it will never look the same.  Keeping original wooden windows maintains and arguably increases the value of your property.

Replacement window frames can cause problems with other parts of the window opening. And they simply won’t look right.

Your old timber windows are made of old-growth timber, that has stood the test of time in most cases.  And with a little TLC and some new upgrades, they can outperform a new window & the frame could last another 100 years.

Over 150+ verified reviews

Hobart, Tasmania
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We had the windows in our 1960s weatherboard house replaced with Glavenir vacuum glass and are stoked. It's so much quieter, and there seems to have been a dramatic improvement with heat loss as well. The team - Scott, Ruud, Bal and Julian - were absolutely delightful, so efficient and pleasant to deal with, and they did a great job of keeping the house clean while doing the job. I would definitely recommend Sealasash.
Davo A
West Hobart, Tasmania
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We got our sash windows on a 1900s weatherboard upgraded to Glavenir vacuum glass- its amazing. Quieter and less heat transfer than some double glazed windows we have also- and we kept the original sashes. The guys put in draught seals on windows and doors which have made a big difference too. Everything ran smoothly, to schedule and budget. Excellent work and excellent product. Thanks Scott, Jack and the crew!
Battery Point, Tasmania
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Absolutely would recommend Sealasash. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am very happy and impressed with their work.
David Allen
Richmond, Tasmania
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Scott, Rulid and their team did a great job in rejuvinating our windows. They'd had their day (the windows that is), draughty, broken winding mechanisms the lot. With new glass they've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century! And as a bonus they now open and shut. Thank you also to John and Jack. Everyone showed attention to detail well done all.
John Mills
Battery Point, Tasmania
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I have recently upgraded my previously rejuvenated sash windows upgraded to the Glavenir glass from Panasonic by the Sealasash team. The result is nothing short of amazing. The installation team led by Scott were extremely professional and it all went seamlessly. The thermal and acoustic results are everything and more than what I was hoping for. I can thoroughly recommend this product and the entire Sealasash team.
Martin Kelly
North Hobart, Tasmania
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Exceptional service from start to finish. Communication with Sealasash was informative, responsive and friendly. They provided a quality solution (ComfortHush) to the noise issues I had with old windows and they also sorted out seal problems I had with some external doors. When working on site they kept to their calendared schedule and left my house clean and tidy at the end of each day. My house is a much quieter - and warmer - place to live now. I confidently recommend their services.
Charles Johnston
West Hobart, Tasmania
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I have to commend the SealASash team for the work in implementing the 17 window upgrades in our house. This was a big commitment to rectify the problems that occur in a heritage listed, 150 year old property with original glass and sash windows. Many were painted shut and a fair few had cut sash cords limiting the livability of the house. No more rattles! Communications, cleanup and professional workmanship resulted in minimal impact to our enjoyment of the place over the week long operation. I would highly recommend using this service to anyone.
Mark Kelleher
Mount Stuart, Tasmania
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This is the second time we have had Sealasash provide their expertise. This time, once again they did a brilliant job fixing/restoring and improving the operation of our 1940s sash windows. The team, headed by Scott and including Baljinder, Ruud and Julian, demonstrated skills and care to ensure the history and look / feel of windows was maintained and enhanced. There is a lot skill involved in this and need of detailed knowledge and the team certainly confirmed that. Thankyou Sealasash!
Kate Symonds
New Town, Tasmania
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We recently had our windows refurbished and fitted with Glavenir Vacuum Insulated Glass. We were very impressed with the efficient way in which the Sealasash team implemented the installation process. The vacuum glass has made an absolutely incredible difference to our home, improving the performance both thermally and acoustically beyond our expectations!
Frank Beveridge
Sassafras, Tasmania
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We highly recommend the Sealasash team. Their professionalism, and excellent communication ensured that our substantial project was completed with excellent outcomes. Their highly skilled team installed vacuum-insulated double glazing in 14 large windows in our conservatory. The team was friendly and tackled our project with enthusiasm and a great work ethic. We are thrilled with the result.

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