Simple window solutions work

Old wooden windows and doors can be made to function to deliver more comfort. There is no need to throw them away or get tied up in using fancy glass.

It’s easy to over complicate solutions to problems with old wooden windows. A prime example of this is when we believe that by changing the old glass for new glass (e.g. double glazing) we will be right.

There is no doubt modern glass provides many benefits, but did you know that there are some very simple things that can be adopted which could make a world of difference to you comfort levels and these don’t involve changing glass?!

This document written by Historic England supports why Sealasash has the right approach to getting more comfort from your old wooden windows.

In simple language the solutions are:

  1. Repair your wooden windows and make them work properly (open/close evenly)
  2. Select the correct draught/acoustic seals and install them properly
  3. Select good quality and effective curtains/blinds/shutters behind a draught sealed repaired wooden window

Simple eh? No mention of changing glass.

At Sealasash we address the simple things first and if necessary we can provide you with modern, practical and sympathetic glass solutions to address thermal, noise or both.

Your next step

Enjoy sustainable comfort and peace of mind with your old wooden windows! Talk to one of our experts to see what’s possible with old windows.