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"Just wanted to give a testimonial. We went through summer without needing the aircon and now in winter it’s very, very obvious how effective the window sealing was. We have not had the heater on more than a low setting at any point. It has made an enormous difference to the comfort of the house and in the electricity bills."
Deborah, Fitzroy North, VIC

"The windows have come up really well, especially the one in the new bathroom! Most importantly the minister for domestic affairs is happy! Your two young blokes were the best workers we have had here, polite, efficient and put drop sheets out and cleaned up totally after the job was done! No hesitation in recommending your product and service."
Rob, Dynnyrne

"We are very happy with the work done, and also with the chaps who came to do the work - polite, friendly and attentive to detail and to our concerns."
Nathan & Jaslyn, West Tamar Hwy, Launceston

"We are very happy with your work . . . and very impressed with both the process and the outcome. Thanks again!"
Carmen and Russell, Bellerive, Tas

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks and to tell you how pleased I am with the windows which now open and close with ease, no longer needing to be wedged with paper to stop them rattling or to keep them open. Dean, Eli and Joe did an excellent job, they were friendly, efficient and punctual. The bay windows were an exercise in problem solving as they were so bad but the boys worked through it and they are now working well. They did a fantastic job and worked in really well with the glass craftsman who were repairing the lead light.
Karen, Northcote, VIC

"We were so pleased with the professionalism and work ethic of the installers who called the day ahead to confirm arrival time, actually arrived on time, and then worked diligently all day to get through the 4 sash windows. They went above and beyond – cleaning the room to a high standard, stripping, sanding & priming the windows so they are ready for top coat, removing old security screens, and patching up holes etc.

As for the product – well the room now is sealed! Which is no small thing for a house built in 1903. The road noise has been dramatically cut far more than we expected as we hadn’t chosen to upgrade the glass. The wind no longer rattles the windows or seeps into the room – and the quality of the finishing touches (the brass pulley, latches & locks) is both aesthetically pleasing and functional (the self-locking latches are a terrific upgrade).

Having had other windows ‘renewed’ by other providers with less impressive results – you can rest assured that the remaining 8 heritage sash windows will be renewed by your group as we slowly move through restoring our heritage home.

Thank you so very much for the great work – we’ll look forward to using you again in due course."
Fr Conway, Mt Lawley, Perth WA

"I have had windows repaired by Sealasash in a heritage building in Hobart. I am very happy with the result - the windows now glide up and down. The counterweights are doing their job beautifully. The upper sashes open - having previously been painted shut who knows how long ago. It is a pleasure to open and close and adjust the windows now.!"
Joanna, South Hobart

"Thank you very much, it all went very well and we're certainly happy with the windows. With the unusually warm weather at the moment, we're already greatly appreciating having the windows working again--and also appreciating the peace of mind knowing that the windows are now ready for another 80 or so years of service! The seals seem to work exceptionally well, no drafts or rattles. Dean did a wonderful job--I was really impressed by what he managed to get done. His work is very thorough and clearly of top quality - right down to his attention to the final details like leaving the work site in excellent condition at the end. It really was a pleasure having him with us for the weekend. An additional benefit of the sealing that only became apparent once we saw the seals installed is that they look like they'll reduce or prevent water ingress and accumulation under the lower sash, particularly for the windows that get prevailing weather. In terms of extending the life of the existing sashes and window frames, for our situation this could in its own right justify the work, before we even consider any of the other benefits."
Josh, East Brunswick, Victoria

"Sealasash repaired four of my windows in my beautiful 1950s home. One of the windows had a gap of over 10mm. The windows are now all working from the top and the bottom and seal without any draughts at all. The fellows from Sealasash were professional, kept within the price of the quote, a delight to watch work and left the place as clean as they found it. I would recommend Sealasash to anyone looking to modernise their windows, even if you have long given up on them. I'm not sure which is better - the free flow of air through windows painted shut for decades or the sealed warmth on icy cold days. Thank you Sealasash."
Kobi, Heidelberg, Vic

"The guys were fantastic. All were very pleasant, professional and did a great job. They cleaned up so well, you could not tell that they had been there all day, even though they did 5 windows and two external doors and the associated bits and pieces.

I am looking forward to the next windy day or night, and cold or hot weather, to compare the windows that have been done, and those that have not."
Lorraine Huddle, Architect / Heritage Advisor, Ballarat, Victoria

"Thank you for the work on the windows. The silence, from previously rattly windows, on windy days is wonderful."
Kay, West Hobart

"Thank you so much for your kind assistance with repairing the windows. Your integrity is what makes Sealasash a stand-out business - I will gladly recommend to others.
Neil, Parkdale, VIC

"We'd both like to thank you and the team for the excellent work involved in installation of the Sealasash recommended draught proofing and glazing to the sash windows in our Perth Federation Terrace house (c. 1902). We were pleased with the earlier work that Sealasash undertook on the timber casement windows in our 1920s weatherboard house in Hobart, in 2014, and the Perth team have exceeded our expectations.

There has been a significant reduction in noise transmission from the road and next door neighbours as well as improved thermal properties - important factors in inner-city living and well worth the initial investment. The sash windows glide smoothly and the seals have worked well in blocking out any draughts. The heavy front door is now straight and opens/ closes with little effort.

The careful preparation work, politeness, and professional carpentry skills were evident throughout the project: we will not hesitate to commission additional work and recommend Sealash and HJW to other prospective clients with our highest endorsement based on extensive experience with renovation of heritage properties in Australia."
Andrew & Annette, Perth, WA

"It works!!! Windows work! Fresh air! Very nice to have working windows and have been able to keep the original windows too! Excellent!"
Liz, Moonah, Tas

"When i saw the demo window at the sustainable living festival last year i knew i had to have Sealasash round To fix up my rattling and non-opening windows. My little cottage kitchen is now transformed with a sash window that smoothly opens to the lenah valley hills and which keeps out the drafts when winds blow in!"
Sam, Lenah Valley, Tas

"From the first point of contacting Colm at Sealasash we received the utmost courtesy and assistance, followed by outstanding workmanship in restoring, at this point, the main bedroom windows in our 1928 Californian Bungalow home to as good as original, particularly with regard to their functionality.
Both David and Eli were prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and efficient, not only with the standard of their work and checking the overall condition of the windows and making an assessment and letting us know of all that needed to be done prior to installing the Sealasash system. Once the work had been completed they also cleaned up everything afterward, that even included the remaking of the bed! “No stone was left unturned” as can be said.
We will be having the remainder of our windows ‘Sealasashed’, as well as our front door sealed, in the near future and look forward to the same professional, caring attention to detail as we’ve received this time.
Miriam and Bert, Ballarat, Victoria

"I am thrilled with my windows. They used to rattle all night and keep me awake. Having them sealed has changed my life!"
Helen, Albert Park, VIC

"For five years we've put up with rattling windows that only opened halfway in summer and leaked heat in winter. But since the Sealasash gurus worked their magic, the place has been toasty like never before - we can even turn off the heater in the evenings and the rooms stay warm - practically unheard of in a Victorian. Dean and Eli arrived punctually and worked incredibly hard to ensure the job was finished with an absolute minimum of fuss and mess. By knock-off time you wouldn't have even known we'd had the Sealasash crew in - our beautiful stained glass windows looked exactly the same with no unsightly rubber tubing to be seen. We were left with a tidy, quiet, warm home thanks to Colm and the guys. We're so pleased with the result and would happily recommend Sealasash to anyone looking for a clever, environmentally friendly way to reduce costs on heating and cooling their home. Now roll on summer - we can hardly wait to open our windows to their full extent!"
Sue and Stephen, Kensington, VIC

"The guys from Sealasash do a fabulous job and the product more than lives up to expectations. Friendly, helpful and professional service have been the core of all my dealings with them from the initial visit, timely reply with the quote, installation and completion. On the day of installation I was really impressed with their willingness to stay longer to complete the job, their care to protect surrounding areas and the thorough cleaning and tidying up. This is all in addition to a product that has transformed my living conditions. My home is measurably warmer and it's still a delight to be in charge of the ventilation."
Adrienne, North Hobart

"We heard about Sealasash from the Sustainable Living Festival. Of all the things my art deco apartment needs work on, the sash windows were at the bottom of the list, as I'd just concluded (incorrectly) that it wouldn't be cheap to fix. Throughout the whole experience, the guys were extremely professional, personable, and their work is brilliant. Not only are draughts a thing of the past, but I am particularly surprised at how much noise is suppressed. They weren't expensive, brought their own equipment (including a vacuum cleaner!). Oh, and the best thing? There were not only on time but cleaned up thoroughly after themselves."
Jason & Robyn, Hawthorn, Melbourne

"Thanks for doing a great job and for the way you went about it. I trusted you right from the start, which is the thing that matters most to me."
Ian, Fitzroy, Melbourne

"We are extremely pleased with the windows, the boys did a wonderful job. It has made an enormous difference to our house. The front of the house used to be extremely cold during the winter (no amount of heating could ever warm it up) and hot in the summer. Immediately after the windows were sealed up, the temperature in the rooms has become a lot more stable. We wish we had done it earlier! We are extremely pleased and would be happy to recommend your company to anyone."
Glen & Kasia, Melbourne

"We are very happy with the works you did. The house seems to be warmer with the insulation of the windows and the door."
Shaun and Anne, Sandy Bay, Tas

"I am very happy with my windows thank you. I would also like to say that I have been very impressed with the standard of customer service across the board from your company and would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friend and colleagues.

As soon as the guys came to start the work I was immediatley at ease. They were friendly, professional and really knew their stuff. "
Sarah, Melbourne

"Our sincere thanks to you, Colm and the team for the truly excellent work that you did on the windows at our house. They are working superbly and we haven't had a rattle since they were fixed. Our many thanks to the boys for coming around at extremely short notice and on what would have to have been the worst weather possible for the season so far! We really did appreciate their great work ethic and the passion for which they approach their job."
David & Nicole, South Hobart




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