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Improve comfort in your home.

Stop rattles, noise and dust.

There is nothing more annoying than rattling old wooden windows. Out of frustration for not having a solution many home owners wedge pieces of cardboard and paper into their windows (does this sound familiar?!!). In extreme cases windows are just painted, nailed and screwed shut at the expense of never being able to use them effectively. The Sealasash system removes all rattles and you can still use your windows when you need to.

Noise travels faster through air than it does through denser substances like glass and wood. The Sealasash system seals the gaps in windows and doors and will reduce noise and also dust entering the home/building.

Make your windows draught proof.

Enhance energy efficiency.

Up to 25% of heat loss in the home can be attributed to draughts1. Draughts are usually associated with gaps in windows and external doors. Fixing draughts is a low cost, effective solution to save on energy costs while making homes or buildings more comfortable.

The Sealasash system can address draughts for wooden sliding sash windows, casement windows and doors.

After draught sealing.

Improve thermal efficiency.

By addressing draughts first traditional wooden windows can still provide significant improvement to home and building comfort and reduce heating costs.

Further heat loss from solid window surfaces can be addressed by numerous methods ranging from secondary glazing to double and triple glazing.

However it is essential that the draughts are addressed first.
Sealasash offers a range of modern glazing solutions to improve energy efficiency, safety and noise reduction.

Reduce heating / cooling costs.

Save money.

Into the future the cost of energy will continue to rise and power bills will go up. It makes sense to use more efficient practices because they are often the easiest and most affordable to adopt (e.g. turning off electrical items when not in use, insulating and sealing out draughts).

Sealing out draughts improves the energy efficiency of a building. Newer buildings are being designed and constructed with energy efficiency in mind. But what can be done for older buildings? The Sealasash system can draught seal windows and doors in older buildings and help you save on power bills as well as improve energy efficiency.

Open and shut windows effortlessly.

Ease of everyday use.

Are you frustrated by windows that stick and will not open easily? Do you have doors that do not shut properly because the door jams are full of foam draught seals? Frustrating isn’t it.

The long life, low friction Sealasash seals are designed to make windows slide open and close effortlessly. In combination with balancing sliding windows, by matching their correct counter weights/spiral balances, servicing/replacing pulleys and replacing sash cord windows will glide open and shut like never before.

For doors and casement windows our seals are designed to ensure that they do not choke the door jam.

Protect heritage architecture.

Maintain value in your home.

Windows are an important design feature of buildings, particularly heritage buildings and homes.

The Sealasash system is sympathetic to the design of older sash windows. Solutions are available to ensure that older windows can be effectively draught sealed and remain workable for the future.

Be environmentally sustainable.

Avoid waste & reuse.

Wooden windows have been around for hundreds of years. Wood is a renewable resource and has great thermal properties. Reinstating and upgrading existing wooden windows to be more energy efficient and workable saves resources. Replacing wooden windows creates waste and alternative replacement materials such as aluminium and moulded plastic frames have been shown to cost mother earth more in energy and resources2.

With proper care and maintenance and the installation of Sealasash seals your windows will be around for many more years to come and it will not cost the earth.




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