Sash Window Repair & Restoration

We are the leaders in sash window repairs in Australia. Our Sash Window Renewal System will bring your existing wooden sash windows back to life and make them work properly.

We will:

  • Free up all sticking and painted-in sash windows
  • Replace sash cords, check weights or service spiral balances
  • Install high quality, long lasting draught seals
  • Repair or replace rotted timbers
  • Replace hardware and reglaze if required.

Learn more about the benefits of wooden sash window restoration here.

Full Sash Window Renewal Service

We have found that we need to work on 4 sash windows for our service to be cost effective. For work on fewer windows we need to quote accordingly.

Our set up costs mean it is not possible to visit homes to conduct small repairs on individual windows, but we suggest you consider giving your windows a new lease of life with our complete Sash Window Renewal System.

You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Now operating in and around Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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 Colm  0404 641 206  John  0400 478 666

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 Colm  0404 641 206  John  0400 478 666

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Western Australia

 Henry  0468 675 833

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New South Wales

 Colm  0404 641 206  John  0400 478 666

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Somewhere Else

Unfortunately Sealasash does not operate in your area at this point in time. If you're interested though, please use our contact form to let us know so we can possibly expand to your area in the future.

"Sealasash restored a 100 year old, bay window containing 5 individual sash windows and 3 additional sash picture windows for us at our North Hobart property. Over the years previous owners had attempted to repair the rotting frames but in the process made matters worse, with none of the windows opening but letting in drafts and water.

Keeping the period character of the home was very important to us and finding Sealasash was terrific. Our only alternative to fix the rotted, leaking windows was to have new ones made, which would not have been authentic and not looked in keeping with the age of the property.

From the start of the process of quoting for the work, right through the restoration process, we were kept informed of progress and costs. The restoration team did an outstanding job of workmanship under difficult weather conditions, with minimum disruption.

We have no hesitation in recommending Sealasash to anyone wanting a 100% professional restoration job."
Jo & Chris, North Hobart

"I have had windows repaired by Sealasash in a heritage building in Hobart. I am very happy with the result - the windows now glide up and down. The counterweights are doing their job beautifully. The upper sashes open - having previously been painted shut who knows how long ago. It is a pleasure to open and close and adjust the windows now.!"
Joanna, South Hobart

"We were very happy with the service that both Dean and Paul provided. They were efficient, hard working and very clean. We have also noticed a significant difference in the warmth of the rooms upstairs particularly.
John & Sarah, Berwick, VIC

"Recently had all our windows sealed. The work was completed with maximum efficiency and minimal disturbance and mess. A big storm came in just 24 hours after the work was complete, and we could not believe the difference in the noise level (no banging or rattling). In addition we have really noticed that the house does not get cold like it did last winter."
John & Tonya, Wonthaggi, VIC

"Thank you very much, it all went very well and we're certainly happy with the windows. With the unusually warm weather at the moment, we're already greatly appreciating having the windows working again--and also appreciating the peace of mind knowing that the windows are now ready for another 80 or so years of service! The seals seem to work exceptionally well, no drafts or rattles. Dean did a wonderful job--I was really impressed by what he managed to get done. His work is very thorough and clearly of top quality - right down to his attention to the final details like leaving the work site in excellent condition at the end. It really was a pleasure having him with us for the weekend. An additional benefit of the sealing that only became apparent once we saw the seals installed is that they look like they'll reduce or prevent water ingress and accumulation under the lower sash, particularly for the windows that get prevailing weather. In terms of extending the life of the existing sashes and window frames, for our situation this could in its own right justify the work, before we even consider any of the other benefits."
Josh, East Brunswick, Victoria

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks and to tell you how pleased I am with the windows which now open and close with ease, no longer needing to be wedged with paper to stop them rattling or to keep them open. Dean, Eli and Joe did an excellent job, they were friendly, efficient and punctual. The bay windows were an exercise in problem solving as they were so bad but the boys worked through it and they are now working well. They did a fantastic job and worked in really well with the glass craftsman who were repairing the lead light.
Karen, Northcote, VIC

"The Guys were great!!! So polite & friendly and cleaned up every night. Brilliant!!
They even made sure my new puppy was safe inside by closing the doors each time.
The job has been a great success, has made a big difference to the temperature of the living area. I will refer your company whenever I can."
Kate, Mornington, VIC

"Thank you for the work on the windows. The silence, from previously rattly windows, on windy days is wonderful."
Kay, West Hobart

"Sealasash repaired four of my windows in my beautiful 1950s home. One of the windows had a gap of over 10mm. The windows are now all working from the top and the bottom and seal without any draughts at all. The fellows from Sealasash were professional, kept within the price of the quote, a delight to watch work and left the place as clean as they found it. I would recommend Sealasash to anyone looking to modernise their windows, even if you have long given up on them. I'm not sure which is better - the free flow of air through windows painted shut for decades or the sealed warmth on icy cold days. Thank you Sealasash."
Kobi, Heidelberg, Vic

"Wow! After 10+ years my double hung windows now open with ease. Sealasash has restored them to their former glory without losing their 100 year old look. No more draughts billowing the curtains, no more gaps & no rattling. Dust on the inside ledges are now non-existant & even the outside noise has been reduced. John & colm did a fantastic job, they were on time & left the house in perfect condition. Very impressed with the product & the service given from start to finish. After years of searching for these windows to be fixed sealasash has provided a great solution."
Leanne, New Town, Tas

"It works!!! Windows work! Fresh air! Very nice to have working windows and have been able to keep the original windows too! Excellent!"
Liz, Moonah, Tas




        Come and see us with our wooden windows on stand D01 at the Perth Home Show. Sash window experts Henry, Colm and John will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about how to best look after your old wooden windows. From carpentry repairs, sash weights, glazing to high […]