Your window problems solved

Rotting wood, broken cords, cracked glass… we fix all timber windows with the highest quality materials

No more headaches

With acoustic window seals and optional acoustic glass, we’ll cut down noise from traffic and neighbours

Snug and cosy when it’s cold outside

Our premium quality draught seals and optional SmartGlass keep the winter chills away

Fresh breeze in the heat of summer

No more stuck windows. We make wooden windows work better than new.

Energy savings every day

Stop throwing money to the breeze. Keep your energy where you want it.

Conserve Australia’s Heritage

Don’t throw out Australia’s heritage windows. Let’s work together to keep Australia beautiful! Look what our customers have done in the videos below. You can do it too!

Large window repair and reglazing job at Yungaba House, Brisbane

Jobs huge and small.

Whether you have one window or hundreds, we have the people, the systems and the passion to make your job a success.

Window painted shut and rotting

We love a challenge!

Rotting, smashed, vandalised – we’ve fixed it all. Think it’s unfixable? Ask us first.

Team fixing and reglazing windows

Australia’s most professional team

We’re not a front for a labour hire company. We know and trust our team because we work together fixing windows every day.

What are you waiting for?

We take pride in our work so that you can take pride in your home. Book a free, no-obligation phone consultation to discuss your needs today